2013 Conference Program

  2013 CIT International Conference
October 14 – 16, 2013
Hartford, CT


Attendees will be engaged through keynote and hot topic speakers, interactive workshops, business and non-profit vendors, as well as informal interaction with presenters and fellow practitioners. The 2013 program has not been finalized; however we anticipate topics to include:

  • Getting a CIT program started in your community
  • Creating multi-disciplinary teams to respond to crisis calls
  • Mental health issues connected to returning veterans
  • Providing policing services to the homeless
  • Understanding medication noncompliance
  • Utilizing community courts to get citizens help
  • Funding ideas for CIT teams
  • Utilizing actors in role playing for your CIT training
  • De-escalation and intervention strategies
  • Legal issues connected to mental health (including HIPAA)
  • Understanding schizophrenia
  • Successful CIT Teams in rural communities / urban communities
  • CIT in Corrections
  • Police suicide prevention
  • Suicide by Cop
  • Using technology to help people in crisis
  • CIT in corrections and community supervision (Parole & Probation)
  • The impact of police actions on the children who witness a caregiver’s arrest
  • CIT collaboration with Fire, Emergency Room and EMS personnel
  • CIT for Youth
And more… 

We are currently exploring an emersion course titled “Spanish language and Hispanic culture for CIT practitioners”.  We are also considering designating courses “beginner”, “intermediate”, or “advanced”, to help attendees build their own conference track.  

Stay tuned as more information about the conference schedule, agenda, speakers and topics is developed.

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